I have updated this blog post for the new Timeline layout, you can find new post here.

I see enough of these to make this a dedicated post.  This is going to be another rather simple post, just basic descriptions and pictures.

Step 1

Click “apps” on the left rail of your profile to pull up your most used apps.

Step 2

Your next step is to click “more” to open up a more detailed list of apps.

Step 3

Your “more detailed list of apps” only really shows the ones you used most recently.  From here, you want to click “Remove unwanted or spammy apps,” as this will bring up a full list of everything set up on your profile

Step 4

Lets say you don’t want Graffiti, which I didn’t, all you have to do is click any of the text to bring up the application panel.

Step 5

Here you can see exactly what this app has access to, to remove it, you simply have to click “Remove App,” you will get a confirmation box, but you are essentially done.  Rinse and repeat step 4 and 5 until you have removed everything you don’t like.