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Yeah…. well I lied…


Sorry, I have not been able to update with the new projects – they are finished, just not launched. As soon as the powers that be throws them out there, I will be able to put them up here. They should be coming out very soon, so keep an eye out.  Below is a sample of one of the cooler ones.

Groupon Central

Groupon Central is an internal tool for all the US employees to easily send out messages to the right person.  This app is PHP and a lot of AJAX, that will guide them to the right place.  Set up with Google Authentication, I get their personal information when they go to the site, allowing me to personalize the site for them in their job role.

More to come on this soon.

My Project – Project/Client Management Suite

My Project - Client/Project Management

My Project - a project management tool I am developing for clients

I am in the process of building a project management/client management tool that will allow clients the ability to keep tabs on where I am at in their project, see what is coming up, and see what is already done.  It will allow clients to have a very active role in the completion of their own projects.

This has been on the back burner for quite a long time, something I have wanted to complete, and now that I have finally found some free time, I am trying to roll this out as quickly as possible.  This is really something I am making for myself, but I am starting to think more and more about releasing this into the public, most likely open source.


By the completion of this project, I would like to have the following features implemented:

  • Projected/Actual gantt charting – Client will be able to clearly see where the project is currently, as well as where I projected it to be, allowing the client to see about when the project will be done, so it can be relayed to shareholders and stakeholders that rely on this project’s completion.
  • Digital client sign off – Allow the client to log on, see what tasks I have completed, and sign off or send back for further development, giving the client a proactive role in making the site exactly how the client wants it.
  • Task Proposal – Allow the client to propose further tasks/milestones for a project, and allow me to approve/deny changes and change the invoice price appropriately.
  • Task removal – Like task proposal, it will give the client the ability to ask for a specific task to be removed, changing the billing of the project based on contractual stipulations..
  • Billing – Using an integrated Google Checkout script to allow the client to view their invoice, and pay their bill.  No writing checks, no meeting at awkward times, just quick and simple online checkout.
  • Simple CMS allowing me to modify tasks/milestones and easily update the project gantt chart.

I will give an update further into this project, this could end up being pretty cool.

Happy coding all,


My Reddit Birthday – Pet Project

Reddit Birthday Looker Upper

Reddit Birthday Looker Upper

This is going to be a pretty short one, but I thought it was kinda cool, so I am sharing it.

As an avid user of Reddit for a few years, I started wondering when my “Reddit Birthday” is – Forgive me, I am admittedly a nerd.  After some digging, I came across a simple API that spits out the information of any given user.  Then I figured: others may not know about this, why not build a simple tool letting them quickly and easily look it up.

I use a CURL to retrieve the .json file, and spit out the information, then pull the response using ajax to the clean query page.  That is, it is supposed to work like that, there is really nothing I can do about Reddit’s fragile servers going down because of a stiff breeze.

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