mySears Community, the place to go to get questions about your appliances and products answered.

The pitch

The Sears and Kmart Community is a place where customers can go to get their questions answered by product experts – whether it is about that weird noise their drier is making, or just a simple question about that TV they’ve had their eye on after seeing it in a weekly ad.  The Community also gives a customer the perfect opportunity to no only get their questions answered, but weigh in on another customer’s questions, or just read up on what is new in whatever field interests them, or find information about what the products they are interested in.

The nitty gritty

The Community sites are sitting on an nginx/MySQL framework with WordPress Networks doing the heavy lifting.  The sites boast well over 1.5 million users, and the ability to add much, much more with Sears and Kmart single sign on capabilities, as well as well as facebook, yahoo, and google single sign on connectivity.  This site will sync all user information across all Sears websites, allowing a returning user – regardless of which web property they visit – the ability to sign on without having to handle new user registration.  As I said above, this site uses networks, and shares many common elements – including themes, database tables, and plugins – all on one system.

This site utilizes a revolutionary “Section Front” implementation – created by Eddie Moya - allowing site editors the ability to create custom category pages with an easy to use and fully customizable click and drag interface.