I just finished what is probably the most interesting project of my career thus far.  This project involved a lot of work with responsive HAML/SCSS, a slew of jQuery, and a hefty serving of Ruby on Rails.  I was brought onto the project a little late, as it was running behind and absolutely needed to launch on time.  I started on it about a month and a half ago.

My role was mostly front-end oriented with HAML/SCSS/jQuery with only a bit of Rails work required of me, but I took the opportunity to get more comfortable with Rails, and took as many back-end tickets as I could (and that I thought I was capable of handling on my own without causing more work for someone else later on).  But I honestly have to say that the most impressive thing about this site is likely the responsive nature of it.  It is completely responsive, and scales based on the screen that is seeing it using media queries.  Apparently this is the first project of it’s kind at Sears, and we were setting a standard for the rest of the company to follow with our work – laying the foundation, if you will.

Stay tuned for images, the link to the live site, and a much more detailed synapsis of the work I did for Kenmore.